Golf Course Rewilding

Naturalization or rewilding projects consist of a process of enhancing biodiversity to achieve its greatest functionality once the location and natural environment of the field have been analyzed to configure maximum biodiversity.

Among the advantages of this innovative approach to the environmental management of a golf course are:

  • Resolution of typical golf course problems, as well as pest control and reduction of phytosanitary products.
    Reduction of irrigation water using plants more adapted to drought.
  • Improvement in the ecological functioning of the lakes, providing cleaning, purification and filtration as well as improvement of reclaimed water.
  • Generate a landscape coherent with the environment of the golf course.
  • Provide an environment of beauty and well-being to the player, thus improving their perception of the field.
  • Promote territorial connectivity and form part of the green infrastructure strategy of the territory where it is located.
  • Act as a private nature reserve for fauna and flora, creating oases of nature, especially aquatic ecosystems and meadows, currently in regression.


Within this service, the promotion of specialized communication is incorporated to promote sustainability and the benefits that golf courses generate. In this way it is guaranteed that the actions to be carried out and all the effort that the club makes can go as far as possible.

TopBiodiversity will advise on the creation and enhancement of biodiversity within the golf ecosystem. With this vision, he manages to solve the typical problems in the management of playgrounds by creating a unique and functional landscape environment that provides a natural identity. It works in line with the new trends in nature protection, creating refuges for fauna and flora on the golf course, thus creating a complete well-being environment.

«We believe in and are committed to sustainable and ecological management of golf courses and for this reason we want to get fully involved in all kinds of initiatives that favor it.»