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The creation of quality content, interesting and above all, that adds value is a priority in terms of capture of leads and being able to improve the reach of your publications as well as the interest in your club.


Quality content is essential to generate value, interest and increase the engagement of your customers. In this way, your capture of leads will be more powerful and effective.

Nowadays, the increase in data consumption through mobile phones is causing us to have an excess of information, advertisements and especially publications on social networks, as we commented in one of our posts about how improve your digital presence .

The consumption of information to which we are getting used to is producing, among other reactions, that our ability to stay interested in a new item or publication is directly proportional to its quality or to the ability it has to engage. It may well be that you can read and see more than two hundred publications in a day, but at the end of the day, if you ask us which ones we remember, we can surely count them on our fingers.

Therefore, being clear about the current situation in terms of data consumption and the continuous growth in the number of publications, from NGM Golf & Sports Consulting is clear to us in terms of attracting leads and the way in which we carry out a communication plan through our social networks. You have to put the quality of your publications before the quantity.

There is nothing worse for a brand or in this case, for golf and sports clubs than “making publications to be done”, copying and pasting texts from past publications, not adapting each text to the social network in question, and that each social network has a target audience, therefore; Why do we treat our main form of communication with the world like a sloppy and disorganized bulletin board?

360º experience
With a 360º audiovisual content generation system you will be able to generate a powerful publication program to increase your capture of leads by showing your clients what they demand.

You have to put the quality of your publications before the quantity.

After many years in the golf and sports clubs sector, at NGM Golf & Sports we want to provide added value to the clubs, improving their brand, from the point of view of the user and player, with quality content and above all offering a 360º service to clubs helping them to improve their capture of leads. If you want to know more, we give you 3 keys to improve the quality of your publications on social networks:


At this point we would like to start with an example:
Let’s imagine that we go to a bar / restaurant / hotel on the recommendation of a friend and when we arrive the reception is null, the person who attends us does not look at us or has a negative attitude or that when they serve us the food they “drop” it on the table. Our immediate reaction is clear; total dissapointment for the place in question.

Returning to the issue that concerns us, such as capture of leads through social networks, there will be people who can justify neglecting their social networks for various reasons, such as lack of time or the lack of specialized workers, is where at NGM Golf & Sports Consulting we want to help the clubs, providing a professional, competitive service committed to improve your brand image.

Don’t fall into the temptation of “uploading photos because we should” or publications that say nothing . Think that on the other side there are many people who will see your publications and the sum of many opinions, in the long run will improve your club or make it worse.
It is not about publishing every day or publishing several times a day, it is about to show the experience that your club offers, it is about showing a philosophy of doing things and above all that people find what you want to tell interesting.

publish with love
Your clients perceive the hard work behind each post. Do not fall into the temptation of publishing to publish, so that your clients are eager to see your publications, as well as comment on your friends and acquaintances, so you can increase your capture of leads


Lately we frequently hear phrases such as:
– “You can program social networks on January 1st, you program them with a software x and that’s it”

If you think a club It can be scheduled on January 1st and you forget it, it means you don’t know how a club works.

There are hundreds if not thousands of cases that can cause the program or planned development to undergo modifications throughout the year: Cancellations of tournaments, new tournaments, the agreement with a new sponsor, that there is a new program in your golf school and thus we could continue almost to infinity, therefore, how is it possible that an issue as important as your social networks can be resolved on January 1?

At NGM Golf & Sports Consulting we carry out a personalized and continuous treatment, where obviously a pre-agreed calendar or program is followed, but on which we work week by week, day by day to make sure that the following publication is the most appropriate to improve the capture of leads and if not, the necessary adjustment or modification is made.

Let’s see it with an example:
Let’s imagine that we carry out the programming on January 1st. We come to the month of May and it turns out that on Wednesday the 19th it “scheduled” a photo of the golf course with a sunny sky and the message: Come to our course and enjoy the sun and golf.

Imagine that it is raining that day or imagine that day there is a new tournament that was not scheduled and the people who go to the field to play cannot because it is full. You still think that your social networks and your capture of leads can be worked by personnel who do not know the sector or, what is worse, treat them as a procedure.

Make a planning together with the field address and periodically review your publications to ensure that you are correctly informing about those relevant products or events that add value to your customers, which will help you enhance your capture of leads


We have commented many times that to improve your capture of leads it is essential to create audiovisual content and it is at this point where having professional and specialized workers becomes more important. The capture of leads is 4 times higher if we try to connect with our audience through photography and the capture of leads is 6 times higher than if we publish a text.

As we can find in propulsevideo , “web traffic for online videos will increase to 82% in 2022.”
After this statement we return to the point of origin;
who prepares this audiovisual content for us? What if I don’t have enough budget?

We will answer both questions;
Regarding the first question, from NGM Golf & Sports we have a team of professionals where we guarantee a 360º service, since we take care of everything so that you can delegate these functions calmly. We record, edit and publish the content from the player’s point of view, which adds extra value.

Regarding the second question, we return to the title of this article, it is preferable to publish quality content twice a week than to publish mediocre content 5 times. Likewise, the question of budgets is an issue that is beginning to be questioned after many years, that is, no one questioned that in the maintenance of the golf course you have to invest x € or in other items, but How are we going to make our golf course profitable if we do not invest in marketing and in attracting new members and players?

With the creation of quality, avant-garde and different audiovisual content, you will attract the attention of your followers, as well as your potential clients, which will allow you to improve the capture of leads and the interest in your club

The generation of audiovisual content and digital marketing has become an essential tool to attract and retain your customers. The later you join the digitization and continuous growth of this area of work, the more difficult it will be to compete with the rest of the leisure elements around you and therefore retain or attract new members and customers.

At NGM Golf & Sports Consulting we bet and work on the digitization of clubs, using all those innovative techniques that can differentiate you from your competition and guarantee the success of your club and increase your capture of leads.

Thanks to the brand enhancement that we carry out through digital marketing, we will help your club to grow and generate the necessary attraction.
If you want to know more about this plan or other options, at NGM Golf & Sports we will be happy to help you.

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