Does your sports club have a total brand and commercial strategy?

commercial strategy

A powerful commercial strategy and branding through a good digital marketing will differenciate yourself from your competence

The new situation left by the pandemic generated by COVID-19 makes it increasingly clear that the commercial game board has changed, once and for all, to being played on two sides. The companies that were more reluctant to move to the new digital ecosystem have had to accelerate engines to catch up with those companies that already believed in the potential of brand image and marketing that the internet and the new tools offer us today.

That is why any sports club must bring it commercial strategy together both offline and online, the synergies between the two being essential for the commercial management of your club to be fruitful. It is essential that communication and digital marketing work from the same point of view in a time where content marketing is essential in any good online project.

As you all know, there are many types of sports clubs and depending on their nature (private, social, mixed, commercial, …) the audience to reach or the way of communicating may vary, but if there is something that everyone has in common is the need to generate a complete communication and marketing plan. Where the leads capture, the content generation, the brand image development or simply the direct communication with the users meet the same guidelines and seek to empower the commercial strategy.

With a complete commercial strategy plan we want to refer to promoting the brand of a club in the most efficient way, reaching the target audience that we want to consume our product. Almost 100% of commercial clubs manage TTOO contracts, just like they have a website and social networks. So every day it becomes more evident that digital marketing, with a good SEO and SEM strategy, powerful content marketing and attractive and influential social networks are a fundamental support to continue developing the commercial sales strategy through relations with tour – operators.

In social or private clubs, the search for green fees is not the objective, but it is to attract new members, provide content for those we already have, generate a program of social activities that they can enjoy or the search for sponsors for the organization of attractive tournaments. Like commercial clubs, almost 100% have a website and social networks, since these have now become one of the key points to build communication bridges between members and the club.

We would like to ask, at what level does this percentage decrease if we start to introduce factors such as:

  • Does your website have an attractive and clear design?
  • Is your brand well positioned in Google for your customers to find you?
  • Do you generate quality content based on a structured calendar that provides added value?
  • Are your social networks, blog, newsletter managed by qualified staff who know what they are talking about?

If the answer is NO or a yes with doubts. At NGM Golf & Sports we can help you.

There are many clubs where social media is something you have and “where you upload photos or whatever from time to time.” However, not promoting your communication strategy on social networks is to disdain a fundamental channel of interaction with your customers. According to a study by Digital 2020, 84% of people who have access to the internet use these social networks, being 66% of the total population in southern Europe and 79% of the population in northern European countries .

If there is something clear that COVID 19 has left us, it is that if your digital presence is good, your product is consumed and if not, then no.
The social networks management, like any commercial strategy aspect, must be carried out by people who know what they are talking about, who add value and that the viewer on the other side enjoys and values it.

The generation of quality audiovisual content, whether through drone recording, professional photography, graphic design or simply the generation of written content is an indispensable tool to differentiate yourself from the competition.

We believe that it does not make sense for the club to “pass” the content to a (generic) community manager, who edits the photo or video, adds some text, returns it to the club, so that the club can review it (because it does not trust of what it says), and then it is published … does it sound familiar? Don’t you find it a bit ridiculous and time-consuming?

A fundamental aspect that at NGM Golf & Sports we want to offer to the clubs is the “relief” that implies that specialized golf and sports staff are the ones who generate the content, edit it, publish it and who analyze the impact. We want to offer a complete and quality service to the clubs so that they “don’t worry” about what they are delegating.

Have you calculated how much it would cost you to hire a community manager, a content manager and a generic web positioning company? At NGM Golf & Sports Consulting, we want to help clubs grow and that is why we offer the 3 services concentrated in a single agency, adapting to the needs of each club.

If you want to improve your commercial strategy, at NG

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