Do you know the advantages of having a good driving range in your golf club? In Ngm Golf and Sports we give you 3 reasons why it is essential to have a good driving range for your players

From NGM golf and sports we tell you the importance and main advantages of training on the driving range


A golf course is one of the most pleasant places to be. The feeling of being in the middle of a natural setting, enjoying good company and, of course, playing golf, is unparalleled. However, what happens when we don’t have much time or simply want to practice and improve our game? In this case, having a well-maintained driving range is an excellent option.

  1. The driving range is an excellent alternative for those who don’t have enough time to play a full round of golf.

While a round of golf can take several hours, a practice session on the driving range can take much less time, allowing players to enjoy golf more quickly and efficiently.

Every day we become more aware of the importance and the hours of training that a golfer must be willing to sacrifice to improve their level of play, so the golf club where the player wants to go to train, must have facilities according to it, a driving range at the height of the players who wish to continue training to improve, and to give everyone the opportunity to come to practice at our golf course.

A full round of golf always takes several hours out of our day, which is not always possible for the busiest players. A driving range to match, allows you to enjoy the game in a reduced amount of time, making it an ideal option for those who don’t have the whole day available.

  1. Train and practice to become a better player

    Another advantage of having a well-maintained driving range is that players can better prepare for their next round of golf. By practising on the driving range, players can work on their swing, putting and other skills needed to improve their game. This allows them to hit the course with more confidence and therefore enjoy their game even more.

    On a golf course, you can focus on specific aspects of your golf technique, such as your swing or putting, without having to worry about the rest of your game. This means you can do more repetitions and improve more quickly than if you were playing a full game, efficient training is the key to shaping a future round of golf to match.

    Ever heard this phrase? You play the way you train!In the world of sport it is always more productive to train and give 100% in each of your sessions than to rely on talent.
Practice and train to become a better player
  1. Having a good driving range at your facility allows players the chance to play on their own.

Are you looking for ways to improve your game without the pressure of other players? If so, a good driving range at your facility may be the answer you’re looking for! At a driving range, you can play alone without having to worry about coordinating with other players.

This can be a great advantage for those who prefer to play alone or don’t have friends available to play a full round.
Are there any main advantages to practising alone? By practising on the driving range, players can play at their own pace and without the need to coordinate with anyone else. This can be particularly useful for those who want to work on specific aspects of their game without the pressure of a real game. It allows you to practice and improve your game in a more accessible and economical way than on a traditional golf course.

If your driving range is up to par with the best, you have the ability to offer specific areas for the short game, such as practice greens and bunkers, allowing players to work on specific aspects of their game.
This means you can focus on specific areas of your game that need improvement, such as putting or playing from the bunkers, so you can improve your game more effectively.

A good driving range at your facility allows you the possibility to play alone and improve your game in a more accessible and economical way. So if you are a player who prefers to practice alone, a driving range is the perfect option for you, visit your local golf club and start improving your game today!

Having a driving range on your premises will help to increase the number of visitors to your club and future customers and players.

If you own a golf driving range, you want to keep it in top condition and offer your customers an unforgettable experience. One of the ways to improve the quality of your driving range is through digitalisation. In this sense, NGM Golf and Sports Consulting can help you to obtain the following advantages: Improve operational efficiency, increase customer satisfaction, obtain greater profitability and provide you with access to innovative tools.

We stress the idea of having a good golf driving range at your facility, it is essential to offer a complete golf experience to your members and visitors. It can also be an additional source of revenue for your business, a tool to attract new golfers and a way to enhance the image of your facility. Invest in a high quality driving range and you will see the benefits in growth and customer satisfaction.

At NGM golf and sports Consulting we help you to digitise your driving range with our methodology

Golf is a sport that requires skill, accuracy and dedication to improve. For any player, having access to a driving range in good condition is crucial to improve their technique and prepare for the real game.

To give an example of the importance of the driving range mentioned in our article, we choose the case of the golf club, Lotte Kasai Golf in Tokyo, Japan.

It has more than 300 state-of-the-art mats or “bays”. The target area is fully automated so that the balls run through channels, then pipes and return to the golfer on their own. Even the greens used for targeting are cleaned by a robotic arm every ten minutes.

Thanks to the latest tools brought to the facility, this golf club is world renowned for being the only one to offer these features to its visitors.

What can we gain from improving our driving range? Ultimately, having access to a good driving range in perfect condition can offer a number of benefits for golfers. From improving technique and confidence to reducing the risk of injury, a well-maintained and well-equipped driving range can help players improve their performance and enjoy the sport more. If you’re a golfer looking to improve, be sure to look for facilities with well-maintained driving ranges at your local golf club.

Grow up your driving range
We can help you digitise your club

If you would like to know more about the importance of having a good driving range at golf courses, NGM Golf & Sports Consulting will be happy to help you.

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