Gestión de campos de golf

The golf club management and sports clubs must be focused at all times on being able to guarantee the best possible experience for the users of your club (members, visitors, events), optimizing your benefits to the maximum and with the necessary resources for their correct execution.

With an efficient, innovative and effective golf club management, club`s directors will be able to focus on what really matters, that is, guarantee a space where users enjoy, focus on day-to-day operations and working relationships, instead of spend hours and hours generating reports or other processes.

At NGM Golf & Sports Consulting, we coud help you by using the tools and knowledge that can guarantee effective golf course management, with control and supervision for all your business areas, from digital transformation, commercial management (revenue & membership management, TTOO .. ), programs to attract sponsors, a complete sports and events calendar, an attractive golf academy for all ages, increasing your sales through the pro-shop or improve the operations of your staff.


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| Analysis and optimization |


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| We guarantee the best experiences |


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| Leadership and comitment |


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| We promote your brand and presence |

Sales management |

The main objective in a golf club management is to engage its members and visitors, for this reason we help you to expand your family every day, as well as increase your income by optimizing the occupancy of your club.

Ocupancy analysis & golf course optimization

Analysis and proposal for members rates/Revenue Management 

Income increase by Groups, Golf Societies & TTOO

Golf course agreements/ leagues creation

Food & Beverage |

Generating great experiences is essential, but you must also have absolute control of the restoration of your club. Efficient management with a higher profit margin and an adequate offer to your clients.

Costs/budget control 

Menu engineering

Technical sheets  and work orders.

Events and celebrations

Operations control & human resources |

A specific operational plan for your club to grow effectively and in relation to the objectives of your company. Optimize your resources to the maximum, as well as improve the attention to your customers.

Club operational analysis and job descriptions

Worker training programs

Analysis of facilities and investment program

Workforce analysis and laboral situation

Extra products are recommended to complete the management offer

Pro-shop management | 

We carry out a professional management of a fundamental business area in your club both for the generation of income and for the welcoming of the client, increasing income as well as improving contact with your clients.

Analysis and improvement proposal 

Boost your income

Improving your customer experience

E-commerce management and online sales

Extra products are recommended to complete the management offer

extra programs
Energetic audit - NGM Golf & Sports Consulting

At NGM Golf & Sports Consulting, we have developed the best golf club management strategy so that you can focus on what your users and collaborators demand.

By increasing the efficiency in golf club management in their different business areas, you will be able to allocate resources where you need them most, thus increasing the satisfaction of your clients, your collaborators and turning your club into the reference center of your community.

If you want to check other management areas of golf courses or sports clubs, we can generate a complete sports and event plan that complements the daily management, help you in the digital transformation of your club or in the creation and supervision of different golf programs, either in the recruitment of new players, for the little ones or any age group.