Digital transformation

If there is something that the COVID-19 crisis has highlighted, it is the need to accelerate the digital transformation of companies and therefore golf and sports clubs. The digital presence of a brand is increasingly important, with an unstoppable growth trend, due to the large increase in the consumption of digital content, both through social networks and web portals. That is why, the way in which our digital brand is present or not, will determine the possibility of attracting customers or offering the right product at the right time.

At NGM Golf & Sports Consulting, we want to help clubs in their digital transformation, both in the generation of quality content, and in the management and programming of a powerful communication strategy, as well as the positioning of your website.
We accompany the club throughout the process of its digital transformation, from visits to the club, both to learn about the club’s philosophy, as well as knowledge of the facilities and their recording to generate quality audiovisual content for subsequent positioning, both in social networks as in the rest of channels.


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Digital marketing |

Today your digital presence is as important as your brand. We will work together to strengthen your club by understanding what the market trends are and positioning your brand with the values that represent your club.

SEO, SEM and Inbound marketing

Website audit & customer journey 

Leads capture and conversion optimization

Responsive design, innovative and focused on user experience

We reccomend extra products to complete your offer

Communication & Engagement |

A communication plan is basic to let your clients know what is happening in your club. We maintain professional and continuous contact with your members and visitors, to keep up to date with what is happening in your club.

Strategic communication plan

Social network management

Mailing campaigns, blog and newsletter

Brand image improvement and virality

Audiovisual content |

We are drone operators, with extensive experience in recording and editing videos, so we can show the benefits of your club to its members and visitors, as well as a powerful and different perspective.

Corporative videos 

Content for Social media (social network, blog, newsletter,..) 

Increase of visitors to your web portals and social nerworks

Brand improvement through corporate image and logo renewal

We reccomend extra products to complete your offer

Website desing & improvement |

Thanks to our team, we improve your website desing and functionality to give the best experience to your clients, increase the sales rates and boost your digital presence.

Responsive desing

Link building, web arquitecture, web traffic, etc

Engagement and segmentation

Customer experience

extra programs

At NGM Golf & Sports Consulting, we generate a 360º experience to guarantee a quality professional service when facing the digital transformation of golf and sports clubs, taking care of all the process to make easier this process.
By improving the digital transformation, you will be able to attract and retain both your members and new customers, through a powerful, attractive image that provides added value to your club and community.

If you want your members and visitors to have an attractive image of the philosophy of your club, generate more web traffic and thus attract new sponsors or improve the experience of users who consume your brand, it is time to start the digital transformation of your club .
At NGM Golf & Sports we can help you promote other business areas of your club through digital marketing, such as a golf academy or a sports and events plan.