Turn your sports club into the social center of your community. We propose 3 tips to achieve it.

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A complete calendar of events will help you to be the social club of reference

The creation of a different and fun program of events will make your sports club into a social center where you can enjoy not only sports.

If there is one element that encompasses sports centers, it is the variety of sports disciplines or activities that they can organize, be it summer camps, children’s academies, etc. Another factor that has traditionally been exploited in sports centers is the celebration of weddings, communions, due to the great attraction of holding these events in outdoor facilities where enviable views are enjoyed.

One of the reasons for enjoying a club is undoubtedly being able to relate to people with whom similar interests are shared, therefore, several questions arise as a result of the narrated introduction; If we use our sports clubs to carry out sports plans and celebrations, why not turn our club into a social center of reference for our community? Why not offer in our club those activities or events that we know our members consume?

From NGM Golf & Sports Consulting, we believe that ports clubs should be oriented to be entities destined to provide as many experiences as possible and not just focus on opening from 8:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. because that is when there is light and you can play golf / tennis / padel/ tennis. A social center that generates powerful activity plans, that cover the widest spectrum of interested members and that also provide new sensations, are undoubtedly the best recipe for both members and non-members to feel identified with your club. In addition, to generate a source of extra income.

We propose 3 tips to generate an events plan that will not leave anyone indifferent in your social center:

  1. You must think about all the types of members or clients you want to reach
    When making an event plan, we must take into account all the “types of members” that are in our sports club or social center.
    There are segmentations that are obvious such as by age or sex, but we must also take into account other factors such as: proximity of the residence to the club, frequency with which they visit the facilities, if they only practice one sport or if they only use other non-sports facilities . These factors will help you when it comes to knowing which events to organize and when.
    We must bear in mind that there are normally club users on weekdays and weekends, therefore, we must carry out activities in our social center in both parts of the week, thus reaching a greater number of members. It seems logical to organize events such as a ‘scape room’ on the weekend for the youngest, while we can organize a wine tasting during the week for an adult audience. Diversifying and specializing leisure will make you a social center of reference.
  2. Create a constant program with weekday and weekend activities for your social center.
    Constancy and continuous contact with our partners and clients are the key to knowing the preferences they have, as well as the demands or their expectations. A correct organization and promotion may not be enough for your first event to be a success in terms of influx, but if we do a good job, little by little you will turn your social center into a benchmark in your community. For this, the surveys and feedbacks are very important, in addition to making our partners and visitors see that their opinion matters a lot. For this, there are new channels that digital transformation, through social networks and digital marketing, bridges us to improve our relationship with both partners and visitors.
  3. The sky is the limit, so don’t be afraid to innovate
    Almost everyone “goes out for dinner” or “to have a drink” frequently, so if you want to attract the attention of your partners you must be creative: Themed dinners where you can prepare your own food, a cocktail show, a tasting wine, live music or monologues are elements that are relatively well known around the world, but hardly anyone goes to.
    Once your members see that your events are worth attending and generate great attraction in your social center, you can innovate with other experiences such as “dining in the dark”, costume parties – themed parties of a decade or “paintball battles” .
    With a good promotion and planning, you will see how your events become the word of mouth of your community.
Create different unique events in your social center to be the reference in your community

Why not offer in our social center those activities or events that we know our members consume?

The leisure offer that exists today and the competitors are increasingly powerful, so we must adapt to the new times, generating experiences for all audiences and above all of quality. These types of events, as we mentioned at the beginning of this post, can be a source of extra income for your club, but also their good reputation will allow you to organize motivational activities for companies and organizations that most frequently seek different events. to motivate your employees.

If you want to provide enjoyable, fun and different activities at NGM GOLF & SPORTS CONSULTING we adapt to the needs of your club and we will create a planning that will make social life increase notably, increasing the loyalty and recruitment of your clients.

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