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Develop a total strategy so that your digital presence improves and differentiate yourselve from the competitors

Improve your digital presence through digital marketing to enhance your brand image and conversion on your website

If you still do not know how to improve your digital presence, if you still do not know the scope of your social networks, the use that your potential clients can give your website or how to use digital marketing to improve your brand image and get closer to your users, It may be because you have not developed a professionalized digital marketing and communication plan to help you grow as a club. Nobody in their right mind would allow someone who “knows a lot” about medicine to operate, nor would anyone put the accounting of his company in the hands of someone who “is good at numbers”, then; Why not professionalize the digital presence of your brand?

Your digital presence is the portrait of your sports club that you send to the world. In this snapshot of your branding many factors intervene, such as the design / interface of your website, if it has a responsive design, the loading speed, the presence of a blog with interesting and periodic content, a newsletter to which to register where to send email marketing campaigns and the management of social networks among others. In this post we are going to delve into the importance of a quality website, blog and social networks:

Your website is the “alma mater” of your digital presence. It is the first thing that a person interested in concepts or products similar to yours will look for on the internet, so the positioning of your website, as well as its design, architecture and functionality are very important to attract the attention of your customers. A neglected website, without content and unattractive will not attract the attention of your visitors who will look for another more interesting provider to obtain what they are looking for. Let’s imagine for a moment that you are going down the street looking for a store that sells the best shoes on the market.

Imagine a store at the end of a very dark walkway, where there is no sign to get there. You ask the people on the street and finally, you have managed to enter. Once inside, imagine piles of boxes everywhere, in a store without light and where it is impossible to access the products without the help of the staff. At this point, the desire to buy the shoes has dropped considerably, but in the end you get to see the shoes that you like and they respond to what they told you, you leave the store again and you arrive on the street, shouldn’t it be so difficult do not?

Absolutely the same thing happens with your website. If your website does not have a good digital presence on the internet, it is very likely that even if they search for ‘tennis club’ or ‘golf club’ in your city, you will not appear. If they put the name of your club directly and then they do find you, you have two options, have the store cleaned and collected or not. Then more variables enter the equation such as a functional and attractive web architecture, a fast loading speed or a blog where you can learn and discover relevant news from that sector, that is, all those elements that make your experience on the web pleasant and that they help you spend more time viewing as much information as possible. In this way, you will provide your clients with interesting elements to retain them, as well as tools for attracting new clients.

In this sense, the blog is of great importance. Since the latest algorithm updates, Google is committed to a policy of generating quality content that adds value to users. That is why an optimized blog and content marketing becomes essential when it comes to improving your SEO positioning and your digital presence. But not only in improving web positioning does a good blog become essential since attracting new subscribers thanks to the quality content generated, will allow you to develop a good database of leads to whom you can work through inbound marketing and email marketing. But, not everything is focused on attracting potential customers, but your members will improve their feeling of belonging to your club by being able to obtain valuable content from their sports center.

The social network management is not a simply space where “we upload 3 photos from time to time”. Social networks are one of the key elements when it comes to empower your digital presence and the one that has grown the most in recent years as shown in the “Annual Study of Social Networks 2020″ of the IAB Spain (association of advertising , marketing and digital communication in Spain). It is necessary to be clear about several factors that make professional management of this medium essential:

Thanks to a specialized and professional management, you will increase your digital presence, the satisfaction of your clients and their feeling of belonging, you will expand your message in those places where your clients are and above all you will grow your brand.

If you want to improve your brand and your digital presence through digital marketing, at NGM Golf & Sports Consulting we will be happy to help you.

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