5 recommendations to promote local sport improving your club health

local sport
Create unforgettable experiences and you will be able to retain your customers by generating a better local sport

Build loyalty to your members by generating a great feeling of belonging and expand your business by promoting local sport in your community.

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Nowadays sports clubs have become a space where you can socialize despite the established restrictions. Outdoor sport is one of the few activities allowed in times of pandemic that have so conditioned the ways of interacting today. The clubs have a unique opportunity to promote local sport, making citizens aware of the importance of their facilities as a way of socializing. Generating a powerful sport growth strategy in your area will in the long run provide a potential customer base from the local environment.

This development project is fundamental in the little ones, generating a feeling of belonging for a lifetime. All of us who have played a sport as a child, we always keep a very strong and pleasant feeling from the first contacts with the sport in question. Many of the colleagues with whom we start our journey are usually friends for life and the facilities where we begin to take the first steps remain stored in our heads.

This empowerment of local sport is the perfect complement to develop the sports club business. For years, and taking the world of golf as an example, it has relied heavily on the visit of international sports tourism. This connection with players from other countries should be cared for and further strengthened, but it must be complemented with an effective strategy for the creation of new players that come from local sport and that help diversify income in time like the current ones, where the tourism has suffered a sharp setback.

Open spaces have become highly valued inside the city to practice sports

If Covid – 19 has taught us anything, it is the great acceptance that sports clubs have. Golf for the first time since 2010 has seen how the balance in the number of licenses has been positive. This indicative shows us how safe spaces where we can enjoy a multitude of outdoor facilities and “distract ourselves” for a moment from the difficult reality in which we are all immersed, have been fundamental to improve the social life of our local environment. Being, on the one hand, an escape route and on the other, a safe meeting place.

That is why it is presented as an ideal moment in which to promote your sports club through a good marketing strategy where your digital presence upgrade and place your facilities at the benchmark of local sport. The development of a powerful online project must be accompanied by offline initiatives to improve the connection with the local environment. Promote the brand image and present the sports club not only as a space for facilities but also as a center for sports and personal development.

Generate initiatives that promote sports development in your area

The development of local sport it is important to maintain fluid and constant relationships with the institutions, organizations and associations that make up the social network of your area. A strategy to strength relations with these organizations will help us to carry out common projects in which the three parties, our club, the organizations and society itself benefit.

These initiatives could include the creation of a local school, which helps society have access to local sport, which universalizes access to your facilities at a price that is easy for the majority of the population to assume. This strategy will generate future consumers who will expand the bulk of final consumers of your product, diversifying income and improving the health of local sport.

“For the development of local sport it is important to maintain fluid and constant relationships with the institutions, organizations and associations that make up the social factory of your area”

A decided strategy to attract groups and collectives, as for years it has been promoting the Royal Spanish golf federation It will be essential to make your sport known to people who have never practiced it. Relations with different unions and the generation of a campaign of initiation clinics, programs to attract family or friends and the development of leisure activities interconnected with the testing of sports facilities, night tournaments, speed golf, putting green tournaments, they will bring your facilities closer to society and help you to be part of the local sport.

How to promote local sport?

From NGM Golf & Sports Consulting we believe that we are facing the best possible time to take advantage of the situation of sports such as golf, tennis or padel and for this reason we give you 5 recommendations to promote local sport. The new generations need new ideas and for this we cannot try to attract the younger public using the methodology of 20 or 30 years ago, strategies must be interconnected to attract different population groups and become a total sports club:

1. Create a funny academy

Monotonous classes, where you just hit balls without stopping all in a row for an hour without any incentive, can “kill” the desire or interest of the little ones. Dynamic games, where you can learn technique while playing is key so that the first steps when starting a sport are fruitful. For this also, it is necessary to promote compatible schedules for the whole family and a strategy that includes classes of all the fundamental aspects of the sport to be developed.

2. Think of all age groups

When we think of golf or tennis school, kids school comes to mind, but if we think for a moment, the most loyal audience is usually aged 45 and over. Why not organize an academy for adults? Why not create competitions or games for these age groups?
If we manage to add value to each age group of our club, the probability that each of these groups will try to “drag” their acquaintances is higher.

3. Create an activity plan to spend the whole day at the club

Normally, golf / tennis schools usually plan a schedule to teach in the morning until lunchtime and that’s where it ends.
Carrying out an event plan where there are areas for parents and children, buffets for over 16s and dining rooms only for adults, will extend your clients’ stay at the club. If we enable areas to watch the football game after lunch, where we can play cards with friends, or play areas for the little ones, we will be helping to generate a large number of memories and experiences.

4. Promote your sports club or social center in an attractive way

If you want the actions or efforts that we have raised above to come to fruition, good communication is essential. Good communication is not about preparing a template and sending a generic email to your partners.
For this, it is necessary to understand the forms of communication that your partners consume, therefore the social networks is basic.

One of the main reasons why many projects do not work is because we fall in love with our own idea without taking into account the opinion of those who are going to enjoy the approach carried out.
If we generate several channels of contact with our users, we will be able to improve our staging every week until we reach the point of service excellence or quality expected by our clients.

5. Develop a strategy of union with the social network of your area

As we have already commented above, it is essential to develop local sport and that it is directly related to the sports that are practiced in your facilities, so it will be a perfect way to be connected with the society of your area and to diversify the income of your club in any moment. This local sport can be perfectly complemented by a powerful campaign to attract international sports tourism, but if it is only dependent on the latter, it will be difficult to keep the business in good economic health at times when the development of normal tourism is not possible.

Sports clubs are at the ideal time to carry out a series of strategies that allow them to retain their customers and differentiate themselves from the rest of leisure activities that currently cannot be carried out due to the restrictions due to Covid – 19, in such a way, Through the promotion of local sports and attractive activity and communication plans, we can ensure that there is no major depression or customer flight, when the rest of the activities are available.

If you want to provide local sport, enjoyable, fun and different activities at NGM GOLF & SPORTS CONSULTING we adapt to the needs of your club and we will create a loyalty and customer acquisition plan.

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