Do you have several sales channels? We give you 4 tips to not depend 100% on external companies

sales channels
Using several sales channels will boost and segment your business

Using several sales channels, you will be able to not depend on an external company, increase your income, but above all you will be able to know your customers first-hand.

The Covid-19 pandemic has changed all the rules of the game, but taking into account the improvement of the data and with the hope of the arrival of a new normality, after the widespread application of the vaccine, it is essential to work on a total sales and marketing plan to attract customers who want to start traveling to our destination. This job of obtaining golfers can be carried out through different sales channels,for many clubs the flow of customers that the tour operation brings them is fundamental. However, this can be complemented with the development and enhancement of your club’s digital presence in the countries of origin.

For years, golf clubs focused on international golf tourism have been working with tour operators to attract the largest number of players at the golf club. This strategy is very attractive since it allows you to reach a very wide audience at a low cost, which is paid through commissions according to the clients obtained by the tour operator. The effectiveness or not of this line of work can be measured through a series of KPI’s that will help us to see our starting point.

A good marketing plan will help us as other sales channels of what tour-operators do. The digital presence of our club in the players’ countries of origin will help to obtain direct clients, which in the long run will make you obtain more profitability for each international player who visits you, since you can also work directly to the loyalty of these users so that they repeat the experience in the future.

We will all agree when it comes to stipulating keypoints that will determine that the health of our commercial strategy is correct. We could make a very long list of these keypoints, but almost all of us will agree that the two main ones are:
1.- Income from the sale of green fees, rentals (buggies, electric cars, ..), pro-shop, etc.
2. – Satisfaction of our clients with the experience provided

If we start from the premise on which we agree in the previous paragraph, a question arises: does it make sense not to segment your sales channels? It is clear that the importance of tour-operation is essential for the survival of many golf courses, but have we stopped to think about the amount of green fees that we sell by TTOO?

A diversification of the sales channels will help to increase the benefits of your club in the long term, obtaining clients both through tour operation and directly. The enhancement of the digital presence will not only help you improve recruitment but will increase your brand image in the destination, enhancing your club and therefore increasing your value position among customers through tour operation. This increase in obtaining direct customers will also bring you a greater benefit by not having to refer part of it to a third party.

According to the Golf impact study in Spain carried out by IE University, in collaboration with the Spanish Association of golf courses and the Royal Spanish Golf Federation, it can be clearly seen how more than 1,000,000 foreign players visited our country to practice golf in 2018 In other words, the possibilities of attracting them based on the potential market are very great.
We are at the right time to make a digital transformation of golf clubs and be able to be attractive to a potential market as large as the one we have just shown.

sales channels

We would like to begin from the following example:
Let’s imagine an 18-hole Course located in the south of Spain, in a very powerful area where it comes to attracting players from the rest of Europe and the world. Let’s imagine that this field sells about 50,000 green fees per year and 25,000 of them are TT.OO, the rest can be subscribers, tournaments and other segments, that is, a golf club where the segmentation is medium-low with not too much sales channels, that is In other words, 50% of your income comes from a single sales channel.

Let’s think for a moment that we begin to promote direct reservations through a powerful digital marketing plan and of those 25,000 TTOO departures that we propose in the previous case, we get 12,500 to be by TT.OO and the other 12,500 are direct reservations made by others sales channels. We can then affirm that we have managed to increase our income by: 12,500 rounds x € 15 commission (for example) that remain in our income statement, we would reach an amount of 187,500€.

It is clear that to reach that substantial change in the reservation model, resources must be invested to both professional services, as well as budget for ads and above all time, so the benefits shown above will be lower, but we will agree that we will be able to obtain greater benefits than the traditional model.

At NGM Golf & Sports Consulting we are experts in enhancing your sales channels. If you want to optimize your income and get to know your customers first-hand, we give you 4 tips:

1.- Increase your digital strategy to increase the number of direct reservations.
This point is essential to be able to attract players at origin, but for this, several aspects must be worked on:
– A decided line of work where SEO and SEM are promoted to improve the web positioning of your club
– Development of a plan to attract leads through the development of a blog, social networks, email marketing, etc.
– Boost all your sales channels to reach your customers on various fronts.

2.- Obtain the best agreements to generate the best experience
The more elements you provide to your customers to improve their experience, the more likely you are that they will want to return or they will speak well of you in their country of origin. Establish a relationship with hotels and transfers services to provide the greatest amount of comfort to your clients and to be able to offer a complete service to your visitors through your sales channels

3.- TTOO yes, but not at any price
The TTOO is a fantastic product that will help your club get where you can’t. Boost your best tee times and you can use the TTOO to fill those gaps that you do not reach through your sales channels. In addition, you can work with the TTOOs that help you position in the countries that you do not attack in your digital marketing strategy.

4.- Develop your brand image
A good digital presence will help improve the brand image of your club, since with the development of online activity it becomes the letter of introduction perceived by both collaborators, suppliers or clients. Therefore, the development of a digital marketing plan will improve your positioning within the golf destination to which you belong, differentiating you from the competition both when it comes to attracting direct customers and when it comes to being a reference club for tour operators.

With the pandemic, the use of smartphones has increased by around 40%, from two hours and forty minutes to more than 3 hours and 24 minutes. This data shows us how our clients consume more and more digital content, having a fantastic opportunity to segment our sales channels and therefore “impact” on the market of origin. Due to the importance of attracting clients at origin, at NGM Golf & Sports Consulting, we have incorporated a web optimization service, in order to go further and obtain better results through your sales channels.

If you want to implement a powerful digital marketing strategy, which allows you to attract your customers at source, increasing your sales and their satisfaction, at NGM Golf & Sports Consulting, we will be glad to help you.

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