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NGM Golf & Sports Consultingwill generate a complete and total sports calendar for your sports club

Bring to your sports club a complete sports, events and activities calendar will help your sports club grow and attract both players, families and visitors to create a total social center.

It is known by all that outdoor sports have many points in favor in times of COVID, there has been a great increase in players in sports in open spaces. Sports club that have facilities for the development of golf, padel, tennis, and other outdoor sports have the advantage of providing a safe and quiet leisure time for their members and visitors. During these months of Covid-19, it has been shown that golf, due to its intrinsic characteristics, has become “the safest sport in times of pandemic”, as pointed out by Antonio Zapateira, Director of the IFEMA 2020 Campaign Hospital, in the conference held to the Spanish Association of Golf Managers in 2020.

In the golf sector, this “boom” has been experienced with a large increase in licenses after many years in a row suffering a decline in attracting new players for many reasons (perception of elitist sport, necesity for a long time to practice, complexity technique and difficulty in its development, etc). This change of direction must be used to the maximum, consolidating these new players as recurring golfers who can also go to your sports club to practice different sports during the week, thus enjoying their membership or visitor fee to the maximum.

Creating synergies between sports within your club will help to organize a powerful social mass that invests more time in your sports facilities and that feels more identified with the values of your center. Getting family nuclei, thanks to the offer of a varied sports range for all genders, ages and tastes, decide to enjoy their free time in your sports club will make your club grow and will inevitably attract a larger network of future clients, either as visitors or partners.

We can affirm that a large percentage of golf players know how to play tennis or padel (sports that for a long time had stereotypes similar to those of golf), but if we reverse the order, the percentage of people who play padel and tennis regularly and who take the step to play golf, is very low. However, many golf clubs already have padel or tennis facilities, having potential players already accessing to your center day by day and failing to capture their attention. For this, it is essential that our facilities must focus as a total sports club for the whole family, attracting and creating synergies between sports thanks to specific actions such as discounts between sports, initiation clinics, etc.

A good job of sports coordination can be added to a wide gastronomic offer, events and alternative leisure activities. The intention is for the clubs to be a place of local reference to enjoy free time, thus taking advantage of the characteristics of tranquility, open air and decongestion that these centers provide. A good events calendar with themed celebrations, musical shows, gastronomic activities will make both members and visitors decide to come to your center not only to practice some of their favorite sports, but also to enjoy family time. Having all these concepts in mind, the following question arises; Why don’t sports clubs make a strong commitment to expand their sports and leisure offer?

Like everything in life, if you want something to grow from 0 to 100 you need planning, a powerful program, budget and time. We cannot expect to have 200 padel players, 50 tennis players and 75 new adult golf students in our golf program at our club, in 2 months, or probably in 1 year, but surely, if it is consistent, you will see how your sports club is growing. earning in activity, in income from ‘food & beverage’, in the organization of events and in the occasional subscriber.

At NGM Golf & Sports Consulting, we believe that golf clubs should increasingly become sports & centers or sports clubs and meeting points for nearby towns and communities. There is great potential for attraction in golf clubs and sports clubs in general, for all types of audiences, whether they play golf or not, and in most clubs, due to the large workload of managers, “there is no time” to develop a plan of these characteristics that can help generate an increase in income, as well as an added value to the installation itself.

If this is your case and you want to implement these programs in your club, at NGM Golf & Sports Consulting, we will be happy to help you.

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