New Generation Management

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About us

We are a company focused on digital transformation of golf clubs and sports clubs management.

With a large experience in golf resorts at ‘Costa del Sol’, global reference on golf tourism, and private golf & sports clubs with nearly 3.000 members, in NGM GOLF & SPORTS CONSULTING we are focused on archieving the higher success of service and profit for your club, through the best and more efficient tecnologies and work methods.

We provide a 360º service experience. Thanks to our experienced team and in collaboration with the best and powerful partners in the golf sector, we guarantee both the financial improvements as the efficiency and funcionality developement, to engage your members and clients, giving a professional sports clubs management service.

Sports clubs management


We could not understand an innovative sports clubs management without the most effective techniques. We will improve your digital presence, guaranteeing the best possible  experience for your members and visitors.

   We empower your digital presence with the latest technologies to increase your digital relevance .

We generate a loyalty of your clients and virality of your brand so everybody will want to be up-to-date on your news

We create quality content to attract your clients to your club.

| Digital presence and loyality |

To  elaborate a total and complete sports clubs management we execute a complete analysis, to understand the philosophy  and values of your golf club. We generate an agil and fluid work sinergy due to the continuos surveys and videoconferences with the  club direction.

 We carry out a strategic plan fot the club, focusing on clear and ambitious objectives.

We digitize your club, so you can dedicate more time to the service and attention of your members, instead of processes that do not generate value.

 We maintain close contact with the workteam, to achieve continuous improvement of all club areas.

| Innovation and eficiency 

We have thought on all kind of members and we adapt the best offer to each age/gender group. In this way, whatever the expectations of your members are, we take care of them finding  the best golf program for each group.

We plan an elite golf school for both youth and adults

We organize special programs for those players who want to prepare for the maximun demands of the highest compettition.

we carry out camps and activities in summer and winter.

| Dedication and tracing |
Nowadays the number of leisure and free time activities is really huge. For this reason we carry out a sports and activities program, to retain your members, as well as increase their  belonging feeling to the club.
 We help your club to evolve from a golf club to a sports centre.
 We generate all kind of activities  so that your members feel their free time demands covered.
 We plan the most relevant events of your club.
| Passion and hard-work |

Why New Generation Management?

A new way to manage your club

New generations need  new ideas and we help you to achieve your goals  with an innovative sports clubs management way

Focused on new tecnologies

With the digitization of your golf club, you will be able to focus on generating value for your clients, instead of wasting time on obsolete processes

Sports and digitization - NGM Golf and Sports Consulting

To generate a complete experience is the maximum guarantee to engage your members and visitors, as well as attract new ones

Sustainable development - NGM Golf & Sports Consulting

We are fully aware of the practice of activities and jobs that help to improve the sustainability of golf courses

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If you want to improve your sports clubs management, empowering your brand through digital transformation, begin an innovative way of sports clubs management and to differenciate yourself from your competitors, at NGM Golf & Sports management we will be glad to help you.

We can help you with all needs you could have. We will focus on your digital trasnsformation to empower your brand as well as a strong golf academy to engage new clients to a complete sports and events plan to become the main center of your ommunity.

A total sports clubs management will focus in all free time activities and not only in golf, is why a new way to manage is needed.