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The generation of quality audiovisual content will differenciate yourself from your competition, helping you to get leads.

The generation of quality audiovisual content is key to increasing the positioning of your digital presence, to improve your brand image and get your clients to spend more time on your website and social networks

The way we communicate changes at times and evolves faster and faster. If we think about audiovisual content only 20 years ago and commercial strategies to reach our potential clients offline, they have nothing to do with the tools and planning that we do today through online channels.

Traditionally, the communication channels through which brands were advertised, and which are still used today, used to be radio, television or the press. These types of communication nexus are still powerful, but they have several disadvantages compared to online channels, such as the high cost compared to companies on social networks, or the possibility of interaction, that is, communication bidirectional, rather than the unidirectional character of traditional media.

If there is something that both communication channels have, it is the importance of transmitting a clear message through quality audiovisual content. If we think of automotive or sports brands, we all come to mind how these companies have been investing large amounts of money in generating videos that reach the viewer, thanks to visual effects, movement effects or attractive music, which does not stop hum.

At the end of the day, content will be the link between your future clients and your business. It is the presentation of your product and only quality audiovisual content, generated and treated by professionals, will achieve that it captures the attention of your target audience in a world where media noise and immediacy make content that hook that captures the attention of your possible future leads to whom you can work with digital marketing and who are in the short, medium and long term part of your business family.

For this reason, from NGM Golf & Sports Consulting, we want to give you 5 recommendations to generate quality audiovisual content:

  1. Use professional stuff to generate your audiovisual content.
    The democratization of social networks is a fact that has greatly helped their growth, but you have to have a very clear concept. It is not the same to record yourself with your mobile in your pajamas cooking spaghetti, than to create a quality video about the quality of service and facilities of your club.
    For this, there are many elements that influence the generation of powerful audiovisual content:
    – Use of the drone
    Video recording cameras with image stabilizer
    Cameras with a variety of lenses
    Go – pros that allow you to capture “action shots”
    There is a huge amount of material on the market to generate audiovisual content, but as you have seen, using the mobile phone and publishing the photo or video directly, surely will not generate the desired effect on your target audience.
  2. Invest in softwares that allows you to generate the “wow effect” in your clients.
    Capturing the perfect image, with the perfect angle, brightness and effect, is very, very complicated, if not impossible.
    Photo editing elements such as Photoshop are known to everyone, but when creating content and publications there are a wide variety of applications that you should keep in mind if you do not want to stagnate when it comes to “creating” audiovisual content, such as canva.
    It must be clear that these tools are essential to be able to produce audiovisual content, just as a greenkeeper needs mowers to take care of the fairways of your golf course or the head chef of your restaurant a complete and professional kitchen set.
  3. Planning your audiovisual content is key to knowing what you are going to publish.
    We have already commented that one of the clearest reasons for poor communication management is not having a complete and periodic plan for publications. The fact of planning your audiovisual content will give you a clear image of the times you are going to publish, what topics you are going to deal with and above all you will generate in your clients the “need” to visit your communication channels to know your news. A planning of audiovisual content will be the perfect complement to improve the performance of your commercial or engagement campaigns.
  4. Measure the impact of your campaigns and you will know if your audiovisual content is successful.
    If you don’t measure your campaigns, you will simply rely on assumptions and sensations.
    Knowing tools such as Google Analytics or Mailchimp are essential to know the reactions of your customers, to know if the publications are more effective on Tuesdays or Fridays, in the afternoon or in the morning, and a long etcetera that will help you to profile your content audiovisual to “hit the key” and offer your clients what they are looking for.
  5. Put passion in your work and don’t settle for posting mediocre content. As the article “Why do mediocre people dominate the world?” The best way to value your work and in this case your audiovisual content is by putting all your passion and effort into what you do. Think that your work is the message you send to the world, which will mark your reputation and career. That is why it deserves the same importance as the rest of the aspect of your business, such as the development of a product or the financial control of the accounts. Offering a realistic, close and professional vision of your company to future clients will differentiate you from the competition, thanks to working in the small details, training yourself and being up to date on technology, trends and news in your sector will make your clients perceive your I work as a quality and powerful product
Work with passion on your audiovisual content and your clients will feel your effort

Si quieres generar contenido audiovisual de calidad, que atraiga a tus clientes o que fidelice a los que ya tienes, en NGM Golf & Sports Consulting estaremos encantados de ayudarte.

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