Do you have a customer satisfaction surveys program to find out what they think? We give you 3 keys to take advantage of this important tool.

customer satisfaction surveys
Customer satisfaction surveys are a key tool that will help you in making decisions

Periodically carry out customer satisfaction surveys to find out the opinion of your customers and be able to make decisions with the guarantee of knowledge.

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The professionals who work within the leisure and sports sector, and more specifically, in the management and promotion of sports facilities, have a clear objective and this is undoubtedly to provide the best possible experience regardless of the nature of the sports club in which we are or the activity that our clients carry out.

In order to guarantee the best possible experience, we do it under a series of parameters, techniques, tools and acquired knowledge, but we must bear in mind that the variety of tastes is infinite or, as they say, “to taste the colors”. This expression tells us that regardless of how we carry out an activity, tournament, menu or any category worthy of opinion, we must be clear that if we do not know the opinion of our clients, we will be working “blindly”.

Conducting customer satisfaction surveys is a fundamental tool to know the opinion of your customers, make them see that their opinion matters and make the appropriate changes to improve the processes analyzed, which will improve the engagement of your customers, seeing that in addition to being interested for your opinion, we listen to you, as suggested by the “Centro Europeo de postgrado (CEUPE)”.

At NGM Golf & Sports Consulting we have developed a series of personalized customer satisfaction surveys for golf and sports clubs and therefore we give you 3 keys so that you can improve the operation of your club through satisfaction surveys:


There are multiple ways to conduct a survey and you should be clear that each type of person prefers a different way of being surveyed. Depending on the age group we are targeting when carrying out our customer satisfaction surveys, there will be those who prefer to carry them out in person, through the club’s staff, others, however, will prefer to carry it out via computer or mobile.

At NGM Golf & Sports Consulting we are committed to the digitization of clubs and we believe that they should encourage the tools that we have, so we should try to ensure that the highest possible percentage of clients do so digitally, since speed, data processing and fidelity of the same the much greater.

The statement we just made sounds great, but how do we get the majority of our partners to conduct customer satisfaction surveys through digital tools?

The answer is simple; rewarding them.

There are many people who are used to technology and to the use of it for almost anything, but there are people who are not, and if we add more elements, we can generate the opposite effect, so, to get a habit among our partners, It will be necessary to reward the time invested by them and that will help us make decisions, either by granting redeemable points in the cafeteria or the club store once they have completed our customer satisfaction surveys or by conducting a raffle (a sand wedge, for example) among all those who respond digitally.

In this way we will be able to increase the percentage of clients who respond to us, we will gain in agility and above all in reliability and time.

Promote the use of digital tools to carry out your customer satisfaction surveys

Reward your clients for completing customer satisfaction surveys through digital tools.


If we think of a survey, it is likely that many of us will come to mind the image in which we are stopped on the street and asked “a million questions”, so if you have ever gone through this process you can think that customer satisfaction surveys are not for you.

In order to know the opinion of your partners and that decision-making is based on solid data, we need high response percentages and in many areas, so your satisfaction surveys must be short, quick to answer and as we said in the point above, that can bring a reward.

If our clients ask the following question after taking the survey;
Have I finished? How fast! I thought I would be answering for 10 minutes.

It is very likely that if you accompany the process with a thank you message in addition to reminding them that their opinion is very valuable for their club and that they will also be notified of the result of the draw thanks to having responded or that they have acquired an x ​​number of points to exchange Surely our clients do not mind conducting a survey a month on the area we decide to treat.

easy surveys
Carry out agile, short customer satisfaction surveys, thanking your clients for the time spent and you will obtain high response rates among your clients.


All of us who have worked within a golf or sports club will have heard the following statement from our own workmates when faced with a suggestion for change;
– You cannot implement this measure because the partners / clients will not like it.
Does this phrase sound familiar to you?

Many times we think that our clients are reluctant to change or add new features, but maybe we are wrong. For this, we can ask them what they think of a certain functionality, since if we think that it is beneficial for our clients, if we correctly explain the benefits of this measure, it is very likely that the vast majority will support this question.

One of the key elements that must be understood in customer satisfaction surveys is that it is almost impossible for there to be 100% acceptance or rejection of a specific topic, that is, we have to understand how to handle the proportions in which a question or another may affect later decision-making.

Being clear that it is very likely that we will not obtain 100% acceptance of any of our proposals, it must be understood that the greater the investment or the larger the measure to be adopted, the higher the acceptance percentage should be, since there are always issues very sensitive or that belong to the soul of the club, so that a change that is not too supported in the long run can generate great instability, such as the change or renewal of the logo, the reform of the clubhouse or the remodeling of the golf course or paddle / tennis courts.

Regardless of the result, you will be supported in your decision-making, that is, if the vast majority reject a proposed option, you will know that you should not implement the intended measure, while if that measure you thought was going to cause controversy or rejection, it is supported, you will have the certainty of its acceptance.

supported issues
Don’t be afraid to introduce customer satisfaction surveys to find out what your customers think about sensitive issues.


As we have seen throughout this post, customer satisfaction surveys is a very important and powerful weapon to help you when drawing up a series of actions or renovations.
Carrying out a plan of customer satisfaction surveys, agile , short, rewarding the time spent by your customers and through digital tools, you can improve decision-making very quickly and efficiently.

Thanks to the brand enhancement that we carry out through digital marketing, we will help your club to grow and generate the necessary attraction.
If you want to know more about this plan or other options, at NGM Golf & Sports we will be happy to help you.

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