Do you have a business plan for your golf school? We give you 4 keys to empower it.

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Create a business plan for your golf school and you will enhance the perception of your customers

Make grow your golf school with a business plan and a correct planning of complementary events, improving the acquisition of new clients and the feeling of belonging.

Covid – 19 has generated a great attraction to the world of golf due to its innumerable advantages, such as the practice of a healthy sport in the open air in places with great natural wealth in both flora and fauna, the acquisition of sporting values based on the discipline, necessary concentration and respect for your colleagues or carrying out an activity where physical and mental activity are fundamental in almost equal parts.

The boom experienced throughout Europe with the consequent increase in licenses should not surprise us, but it should raise several fundamental questions;

  • Which players are those who have approached the clubs?
  • Why they felt the need to practice this sport?
  • How have we introduced them to this sport? Do we offer a 360º experience?
  • Once they are in the club, have we prepared their visit?

If we analyze the previous questions one by one, we can see how the answer is more dense and complex than it seems a priori. If you want to know how we can help you at NGM Golf & Sports Consulting, we give you 4 tips to enhance the business plan of your golf school:


We will agree that the way the world is seen, and in this case golf, is not the same for an 8-year-old child as it is for a 43-year-old parent. If we remember our first steps in golf, we all We were “obsessed” with lowering the handicap and seeing who was able to hit the ball further. While a parent who has limited leisure time per week due to the difficulty of balancing family and work responsibilities, seeks a approach where you can “get away for a couple of hours” from your stress, having a good time and especially where you see continuous improvement.

It is here where the importance of a good structuring of secondary events or alternative planning for your golf school is considered fundamental, for example;

For the “little ones” course, there are several options to impress and retain them through experiences in which very low handicap players, as they hope to be, hit the ball very far, that is, organize golf shows deo the organization of pro-ams so that the players we hope will get hooked on golf, team up with a professional, feeling an experience that they will surely not forget.

For the course of the “little ones”, there are several options to impress and retain them through experiences in which players with very low handicap, as they hope to be, hit the ball very far, that is, organize golf shows of long drive or the organization of pro-ams so that the players we hope will get hooked on golf, team up with a professional, feeling an experience that they will surely not forget.

golf academy
Host Long drive, golf shows or pro-ams events to retain the members of your golf school

For the example of parents and our golf school, I would like to give an example of the growth of a large entertainment company such as PIXAR.

The company that created animated films as famous as the Toy Story saga made an in-depth study of how to make their films consumed by as many people as possible and that is why at the end of the 90s, they came to the conclusion that they had to make animated films that children but especially for parents too.

PIXAR began a strategy by which they tried not only to have 4 or 5 children to see the film accompanied by one of their parents, but also to ensure that they were 4 or 5 children with each other’s parents, that is, they went from sell 4-5 children’s tickets plus 1 adult ticket to sell 4-5 children’s tickets and 8-10 adult tickets, which represents an incredible increase, not only for tickets but also for cross-selling sales elements ( T-shirts, popcorn, snacks, etc.), in addition to generating a great viral word to mouth feedbaback in consumers.

So if we are clear about the fundamental pillar on which to grow our golf school, that is, children and young people, we must focus our efforts on more areas of action to achieve the PIXAR effect. Other different areas of action, such as a parent-child golf school, parent-child multisport schools, that is, 45 minutes of golf and 45 minutes of paddle tennis, sports or recreational activities for children while the parents are in class, will allow parents to enjoy their leisure time without having to worry about how to reconcile.

We also have to be clear about the reasons why adults usually go to sports centers or clubs, beyond physical activity or golf school and the reason is to be able to meet people with interests and hobbies similar to ours. The creation of groups of the same level for adults and that in this way friendships or personal relationships can be created beyond work or the traditional group of friends and above all the power to generate pleasant and different environments, either with music or other elements that make the practice more relaxed and “break” the stereotype that you may have of golf.


We all know that one of the best ways to attract customers, regardless of the sector we are talking about is “word of mouth”, since who best is going to sell our product is a satisfied and loyal customer.The problem with word of mouth is that it is finite, so the target audience we will reach is limited, it is therefore when a powerful digital communication strategy jumps to the fore.

The way in which you show your golf school, the promotion of it, what happens there, that is, the experiences that are generated is key, so that people outside this sport can see a different form of leisure and sport . To do this, as we have commented in other articles on our blog, about the need to generate quality audiovisual content, in this case the generation of attractive, dynamic and powerful audiovisual content is made even more important, since older generations young people are totally used to consuming digital content through social networks.

For the older generations it is essential, apart from the audiovisual content already mentioned, to guarantee continuous monitoring of their sensations, the experiences lived and to have an open mind to be able to modify the service that is provided to be able to “hit the key “and offer our clients what they are looking for.

Attracting these generations through claim or cross-selling products can be a perfect strategy to combine those products that we know they usually consume and if we take advantage of the opportunities we have when it comes to building loyalty with these potential customers, it will improve not only our golf school if not the perception of our club and when it comes to interacting with nearby communities.

Create a complementary offer to your golf school to retain your customers


The objective of any club should be that its members and subscribers are willing to go to the club and that they spend as much time as possible, which will show us that our members are happy with the state of the facilities and the service offered there.

It must be clear that an adult, much less a child, is impossible to be giving 3 or 4 hours of class in our golf school, so the appearance of complementary activities is essential to cover all those periods of time that in the If not done, either they will make the father not want to take his children to the club, or that the children get bored not wanting to return.

In order to offer a 360º experience, it must be clear that planning, as we will see in the next point, is fundamental and above all to be able to offer complementary products, be it sports activities for the little ones or meetings watching a sporting event for the older ones.

One of the key factors will be the empowerment and development of all the club’s facilities, connecting members with the different services offered. That is why a complete sports calendar that is supported by a strategy of gastronomic, musical, artistic or cultural events seems essential for the total development of a social and sports club.

A good development work throughout the time that members who your golf school will generate in your clients a feeling of belonging to your sports club and that will be enhanced with future sporting achievements of both the youngest and the oldest. Achieving a successful golf school will give you branding among other clubs and athletes from other teams as well as a direct connection with your clients.

golf academy
A 360º experience that offers quality alternative products to your golf school is an element that will make your customers see that you think of them.


Obviously, we only get one chance to make a first impression. If we are aware of the great moment in which we find ourselves when there is a large number of public that can access to our facilities, since they cannot access to other leisure activities due to the restrictions to which we have been subjected We must be aware that every opportunity we have with each of the clients who come to our club is unique.

The organization and planning of the activities that we carry out, at the end of the day, is the way in which we “impact” with our clients, therefore the training and importance of this issue must be clearly perceived by the club’s staff, as offering a half-baked experience will ultimately make new customers feel unwelcome or unloved, so teamwork is essential for resounding success in any of the actions taken at your golf school.

For these reasons work has to be carried out successfully, all participants in this process must do their part, either a good predisposition and attitude by those who are facing the client, as well as a correct planning and sequence of processes by the people in charge. of this type of action. For this reason, we believe that 4 steps should be carried out in this section:

1 – Initial meeting as a “brain-storming” to clarify what products we can bring to the market.
2 – Planning of resources, processes and all those elements for your golf school to perform properly.
3 – Communication between all the intervening agents to fully understand the planning carried out and to be able to anticipate problems on the day the service is carried out.
4 – Responsible and professional attitude on the part of the workers who offer the service.
5 – (Does not appear in the photo) – Feedback from the day analyzing the opinions of users and workers, to see how we can improve the service and the experience provided.

Proper planning will make your golf school offer a great experience for your clients.

At NGM Golf & Sports Consulting, we are experts in digital marketing, application of new sales techniques and in the analysis and enhancement of commercial strategies. If you want to implement the strategies of this blog in your club and many others that you can see on our website, we will be happy to help you.

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