Are you optimizing your income by cross-selling? We give you 4 tips to improve it

Optimize your income by cross-selling, improving customer service at the same time

With a good digital strategy, you can increase your income from cross-selling, while offering personalized attention to your customers.

One of the main objectives when managing a club, regardless of its nature, is to improve the volume of income and customer service. We will agree that depending on the nature of the club, it is necessary to focus on sales strategies in a different way, since the consumption in a private club is different from that in a commercial club, but equally, we can improve both points.

One of the keys to improving cross-selling, as one of the main keys of a good commercial strategy, is undoubtedly to know who our clients are, their tastes and preferences, in resume, a correct segmentation. In this way the success rate when we reach our clients will be higher.

There are many ways of cross-selling, whether it is at the time of holding a golf tournament on the weekend, an event with a dinner and a musical show, through the sale of items from the pro-shop or how we can try to mix to the maximum the different management areas of the club. For this we are going to use the possibilities that technology and digitalization give us and put it within our reach and for this we give you 4 tips:


Each client is different, but it is true that if we start to separate or create categories of clients by age groups, nationality, sex, number of rounds played per year, consumption at the bar/restaurant, consumption at the pro-shop, golf/padel lessons received per year , distance from the usual residence to the club, and long etcetera, we can see that there are several patterns by which the approach to our clients is easier or has a greater probability of success, let’s see it with the following example: “20% discount on sneakers in our store “. If we analyze this offer, we can draw several conclusions, with its pros and cons.

– It seems as an attractive offer for everyone, by offering a highly consumed product
– We reach the maximum number of customers in our database
– They invite to our clients to visit our pro-shop, where we can make or inform about more news (personal cross-selling)

-Based on the previous categories, you can “annoy” that client who is not interested in being bored with offers.
– By not segmenting, the percentage of success is much lower than if we send it to those clients that we know that consume the product and to which we can add an extra product to said offer, however, that extra offer in a generic mailing seems “too much sale”.
– If we have the option to buy online, it will not be necessary to go to the club so the ease of purchase is much higher, specially for those who do not live close to the club.

As a conclusion to this point, the more detailed and segmented the offer, the more successful we will have in the sale, as well as a higher satisfaction rate for our customers, since they will be receiving exactly what they are looking for without being bored with emails or notifications.


All of us who have bought a plane ticket or a hotel room have seen how the purchase process does not end with the main purchase itself. It is where cross-selling takes the reins and we can see how it can be a very very powerful process if done properly, since they offer us from a rental car, to a tourist route, to a sandwich for the flight and so on. reach the imagination.

If this process that we have just discussed is so common, at NGM Golf & Sports Consulting, the following question arises: Why doesn’t the same thing happen when booking a green fee, signing up for a tournament or an event?

The income generated by hotels or airlines is many times higher than the price of the main product, as is the case with cinemas, when the income from popcorn or snacks is clearly higher than the price of the ticket, as for example in Amazon It is indicated as “other users have also bought x item” which indirectly generates a confidence effect when seeing that you are not the only one to buy that product (neuromarketing).

For this reason at NGM Golf & amp; Sports Consulting, we have developed a series of interactive elements for the club websites where they can improve post-sale cross-selling and thus increase both income and customer satisfaction.

Thanks to cross-selling, you can offer your customer different products from your stock that are complementary to the original purchase intention.


If there is any sector that has experienced a large increase with the Covid – 19 pandemic, it has been that of online shopping. It has been demonstrated with the ease of purchase, the possibility of seeing the product from all angles and the comfort when receiving the product has made it “have increased by more than 45%.

The pro-shop of our club is that business area where we can generate long-term memories in our clients and where the possibilities of cross-selling are almost infinite.
Either from the celebration of the club tournament, where we can do a special run of polo shirts and souvenirs, including a pack of tees, ball markers and a club towel or any other element are questions that, thanks to digital marketing, we can enhance them effectively.

We have spoken in past entries in this blog about how to empower direct sales channels and the importance of knowing our customers, being we who have the possibility of having a contact almost “for life” with a correct management of reservations and the opportunities that cross-selling can bring us in these cases, either by offering a “tapas experience” 3 months before your arrival at the club or, for example, a club polo 4 months after your game date.


Today we can obtain a lot of information about the behavior of our customers in our facilities, either through biometric controls, traffic flows, pace of play or consumption at different points of sale thanks to the different technological tools that are on the market. (apps, software, ..).

It must be clear that these tools obtain data, but it is where the analysis of this data by professional personnel will allow us to apply the appropriate strategies tools to increase income and improve the satisfaction of our clients, being able to offer them what they usually consume, right in the moment in which we know that the need for consumption may arise and where therefore cross-selling will significantly improve our income.

A great indirect advantage that is obtained when analyzing the behavior of your clients in your club is the optimization of your club’s resources, since if you know perfectly the traffic flows, the moments of greatest demand and the products that are leaving to consume, you can be prepared to offer a better service experience, which will retain your customers while you can optimize many of the resources you use within your club on a daily basis, instead of carrying out general planning that may be oversized, without this implying a better service.

At NGM Golf & Sports Consulting, we are experts in digital marketing, application of new sales techniques and in the analysis and enhancement of commercial strategies. If you want to implement the strategies of this blog in your club and many others that you can see on our website, we will be happy to help you.

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