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With the implementation of a virtual tour, you will provide to your clients all the necessary elements so that they can get to know your facilities and therefore can book faster and easier.

The incorporation of a virtual tour in 3d helps to improve the user experience, since in addition to knowing the facilities, they can savor the experience that your club offers.


Every day more and better solutions appear to provide more powerful experiences to attract our potential customers. The variety and quality of audiovisual content that many brands and companies are creating is a fundamental element to understand that if we do not bet on our own brand, we cannot expect people to do so.

We must take into account the mission of each of the main communication channels with which we usually work and on which we are going to focus in this blog entry, such as social networks and our website.

Social networks have a main objective, which must be to transmit the experiences that are generated in our club, generating branding and for which we must capture the attention of our potential clients, either through quality infographics, with videos or motion graphics desing. Being clear about what the objective is, therefore, we must provide the facility to access our website and that they are interested in “buying” our product, be it a green fee or interest in our offers and subscriptions.

Once we have generated the attention of our potential customers, it is time to finalize the purchase or “convince” them that our product is exactly what they are looking for through our website.
We have spoken in other posts of our blog, such as the generation of quality audiovisual content , on the importance of showing the goodness of our facilities and the experiences that are generated there , since if we do not show EVERYTHING that our club offers, we cannot expect our clients to purchase our product.

For this reason, from NGM Golf & Sports Consulting we continue to bet on quality audiovisual content, on digitization and above all on providing clubs and therefore end users with the best tools to show experiences in the best possible way. For this reason, the agreement reached with Matterport , a leading company in the generation of virtual tour in 3d, allows clubs to obtain a great differentiating element compared to their competition and therefore we give you 4 keys to bet on this kind of technology:


We would like to start with a very simple example to illustrate the importance of this audiovisual element;
Would you buy sneakers for € 150 without knowing the size, color or design and performance of these sneakers? < br>
With the previous example we can see the importance of providing our potential clients with the greatest number of possibilities and information.

When we plan our vacations or our round of golf, we usually look in several places. IF we do not know any of them, so we do not have a formed opinion, the one that offers us the best perspectives of their facilities, will be more likely to retain that undecided customer, so the implementation of a virtual tour on your website can be a key element for it.

The virtual tour in 3D options do not end with the tour itself, since while you are touring the club you can access a multitude of interactive elements, enhancing sales by cross-selling significantly, as purchase items appear as you scroll. Let’s see it with an example;

Imagine that you are seeing a resort with a golf course thanks to the virtual tour and while you are moving through the hotel towards the field, you move through the hotel terrace, where you are directly “offered” A beer and a sandwich at the “POOL BAR” or you are visiting the pro-shop to see what it is like and suddenly you are “offered” a pack of 3 balls + glove. All these interactions will mean that everything that is bought before the reservation will not only increase your average ticket before the arrival of your customers, but also their spending once they access your facilities since the perception of previous expense is lost over time.

With the inclusion of a VIRTUAL TOUR on your website, you can improve the conversion rate of reservations, as well as include cross-selling elements to increase your average ticket.


One of the fundamental objectives when marketing our brand is for it to occupy the top positions in internet search engines. There are basically two ways to achieve this, either through SEM positioning (Search engine marketing) known as paid positioning or through SEO positioning (search engine optimization) which should be our brand objective, since it will position our brand in a powerful way in the medium long term, while the SEM will do so depending on the payment we make.

One of the fundamental variables to improve the positioning of our website is the time that users spend within it , that is, the more attractive, functional and quality content it has, more likely it is that our clients spend more time within it. This parameter sends information to search engines, which will interpret that our website is a quality website and therefore will “reward” us by occupying higher positions in searches.

The incorporation, therefore, of multimedia content such as a virtual tour, which can offer our clients elements of better interactive elements so that they consume more time on our website will improve our long-term positioning, which will directly influence both in the number of sales and in the reputation of our brand.

seo positioning
Improve the SEO positioning of your website with the inclusion of a VIRTUAL TOUR, which will make your clients spend more time on your website, obtaining best positions in internet search engines


How many times have we found ourselves willing to make a purchase online, be it a hotel reservation or the purchase of a garment and due to the lack of information or that it was of poor quality, we have postponed our purchase or directly suspend it.

At NGM Golf & Sports Consulting , we work to offer the best experience to users of golf clubs and sports clubs. For this reason, our agreement with Matterport allows us to offer the latest technology and to make a difference.

Having a virtual tour of your facilities will allow you to provide a quality image offering a 360º view of the experience that your club offers . This element will increase the sales of your club (either by booking green fees or by being interested in a subscription), since the interested user will find everything they are looking for, either when it comes to knowing what your field is like, your cafeteria or other area, in turn helping to improve their experience within your club, since everything will be familiar to them.

user experience
The improvement of the experience that you offer to your clients, with the inclusion of a VIRTUAL TOUR, will facilitate the purchase process and therefore increase your income


Today the competition in any sector and without a doubt the leisure, tourism and sports sector is not far behind. Many clubs and resorts have taken advantage of the forced closure due to COVID – 19 to renovate their facilities and offer a more powerful experience to their customers, but we must not forget that if we do not show the experiences that our facilities offer, we will not be producing the engagement we are looking for.

The incorporation of a virtual tour of our facilities will differentiate us from our competition, since if the user finds everything they were looking for, if they decide to compare our facilities with those of our competition, having generated a wow effect , will make that customer formalize the purchase in our facilities.

Do not be afraid to innovate, because this kind of technologies are used by millions of people all around the world and can give you the extra value you need to increase your sales and leaving your competitors behind you.

differentiate from your competitors
Differentiation from your competitors through more and better interactive elements such as a VIRTUAL TOUR will improve the valuation of your club, incereasing your sales and adding an extra value to your clients.

At NGM Golf & Sports Consulting we were born with a very clear philosophy: Help golf clubs and sports clubs to develop the most innovative and efficient techniques to enhance their digitization process, increasing sales, improving their brand reputation and guaranteeing a better both digital and personal experience to members and visitors.

Thanks to the brand enhancement that we carry out through digital marketing, we will help your club to grow and generate the necessary attraction.
If you want to know more about this plan or other options, at NGM Golf & Sports Consulting we will be happy to help you.

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