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A different and fun summer camp is the key to attract parents and children

A powerful and different planning of your summer camp is a fundamental weapon to attract parents and children, increasing the social mass of your club



The Covid – 19 has changed in many ways our way of relating and enjoying our free time and leisure, having produced a great increase in the arrival of new clients in sports clubs, due to the many advantages that these venues offer, by providing safe spaces in the open air where we can practice sports while serving as an escape valve from the pandemic.

We are in a key period of the year for sports clubs due to the arrival of spring and with summer looming, the volume of work shoots up. Tournaments every weekend, sports lessons, large volume at the bar and to all this, we must add the preparation of the summer season both in the organization of subscriber recruitment campaigns and in the organization of attractive summer camps.

It may seem very stressful or overwhelming, but like everything in life, if proper planning is done, there is time for everything and above all ensuring that we will successfully impact our clients.
At NGM Golf & Sports Consulting we have developed a different program, thinking about all the details that will make those attending your summer camp want to return the following year. To achieve this we give you 4 keys with which to generate a different summer camp:


This section is essential for the proper functioning of your summer camp, since the budget of the camp itself and the club may be affected positively or negatively depending on the success of the influx of the same.
For your summer camp to be a total success, in addition to offering a powerful and different service as we will read later, the “NO PLACES AVAILABLE” sign must be an imperative.

To achieve this objective, the promotion must be attractive, with a clear message and that it reaches your target audience.
As we have commented in other points of this blog, such as where we deal with the improvement of the digital presence, sometimes we have heard the expression “to have eyes bigger than your belly” that should be the feeling of our children and ours when we check an attractive summer camp that provides those needs that we need to cover.

The creation of audiovisual content is therefore key, to be able to promote our summer camp through our social networks, but let’s not forget that there are more elements such as email marketing, the newsletter club or our blog.

As we can see, there are several ways to promote our club.
On the one hand, we can “upload a poster with prices” to our Instagram, send an email to our partners announcing that registrations for the summer camps are now open, or we can opt for a powerful communication plan that gets our message across. as far as possible so that we guarantee a greater reach.

Create a powerful and engaging communication plan with great audiovisual content to make sure that your audience is impatient to register to your summer camp


There is no worse feeling for a parent and therefore for the club that our children tell us that they don’t like summer camp, that they don’t want to go back or that it’s a bummer.

To prevent this from happening and ruin all the work done, it is necessary to carry out a correct segmentation of the activities and the groups that we are going to create
It is essential to bear in mind that at the earliest ages, a difference of 2 years is vastly greater than if we focus on an age group between 46 and 53 years old.

The tastes of an 8-year-old child are not the same as when you are 10-11 years old and much less when you are 13-14 years old. For this reason, you have to segment the activities that you are going to carry out and in this section communication with parents is essential to know their expectations, as well as the needs of the children.


Once we have analyzed and segmented our summer camp, it is time to look for all those activities that will make those attending it feel comfortable, wanting to return the next day. As when we work or study, we cannot be 100% of the time executing the main activity of the camp, since we run the risk of being bored, for example:

If we have a high performance group where we seek to improve the technical and physical level, preparing for the elite or high performance, we can include physical activities through the game. For this, just as the digital presence of your club must be by professional personnel or the maintenance of your golf course, having professional monitors is essential to guarantee the correct operation of the summer camp, while offering greater guarantee of success to parents who will contact us.

You must carry out a correct segmentation to guarantee that your summer camp is a success


Without a doubt, one of the main reasons for our children to enjoy a summer camp is that they can do physical activities outdoors with children of their age or improve in languages ​​or other subjects and be able to enjoy a summer period where parents have to keep working and cannot “entertain” their children.

It is true that there are certain activities that never go out of style and that when you are 8-9 years old, highly elaborate entertainment strategies are not required. Playing team dodgeball, pool races or fooball competitions will always be fun.

We have to think that although these activities work and are fun, we must be clear that times change, that forms of entertainment also do so and that our children are used to consuming great audiovisual content through social networks and therefore the way in which we can entertain them, they must largely adapt to what they like and not to what we would like.

It is clear that due to the large consumption of mobile phones and tablets by our children, we seek precisely to “detoxify” them in part of their routine with outdoor activities and games, but we must not forget that there are also other activities that adapt to our needs. children and who go through technology, which will make them receive their “dose” of modernity.

Technology camps where robotics, programming or video games are taught, it may seem that it is not within our client profile or that it is not going to like it, but the trend of new technologies, jobs and the likes of our little ones tell us otherwise. We are not saying our golf club should become Sylicon Valley, but being able to include a 1-2 hour workshop throughout the week will clearly set you apart from the competition.

different activities
Carrying out workshops with different and new activities will offer a plus to your summer camp


We can generate an excellent communication plan and fill our summer camp, as well as make a segmentation by age and activities, incorporate different activities, as well as the complementary management of the summer camp, such as transport, dining room, etc., but if we don´t know how our camp is running or what the feelings are, we can fail.

If there is something that characterizes the little ones is their sincerity (sometimes excessive), for this reason, we must save 2 minutes between blocks of activities or at the end of the day, to know how they have had it, since if they have There has been an error on our part, we will be in time to solve it, instead of having lost 14 days to know your opinion, which is too late or that this feedback comes from not entirely satisfied parents.

Asking is therefore the key to getting to know your organization first hand and by the way we can get a lot of ideas that come directly from our little ones, because let’s not forget that the way of thinking of a child and that of an adult (no matter how much experience they have) it’s not the same.

Make a continuous feedback to know the opinion of the assistants to your summer camp and thus you will be able to improve those aspects that could harm the experience offered.

At NGM Golf & Sports Consulting we have created a summer camp program that adapts to your club, so that you can be the reference center of your community, with fun, different products that guarantee the success of your club.

Thanks to the brand enhancement that we carry out through digital marketing, we will help your club to grow and generate the necessary attraction.
If you want to know more about this plan or other options, at NGM Golf & Sports we will be happy to help you.

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